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    What Sets Us Apart from Other Indoor Grow Systems

    The 24:45 Organics Super Grow System developed by our founders set the standard for indoor growing. Many have come up with alternative means to grow indoors, but none offer the advantages that our home grow system has to offer. Other systems, for example, trick the plant into believing it is in soil by adding different nutrients to a water bath. In addition, many popular food plants can't be grown in these systems. Meanwhile, our system can grow most any plant. Our primitive soil system adds nutrient denseness that the plant needs while growing in the soil. These nutrients become available to humans upon consumption.

    Our Partner, 24:45 Organics
    has 31 years of experience

    24:45 Organics is located in Massena NY. The owners the Maslin Family have 31 years of indoor growing experience. 24:45 Organics patented technology offers year-round sustainable organic produce in a primitive soil system meaning all the ingredients in the soil such as minerals, living organisms, microbes, bacteria, fungi and worms among others are added to the soils without resorting to using chemicals and pollutants that are often found in traditional growing mediums.

    The 24:45 Organics' super grow system operates at a fraction of the cost of traditional farming methods, hydroponics or aeroponics while providing optimal yields of nutrient dense organic produce year round!

    24:45 Organics is committed to helping rebuild the American economy by bringing food production back into the local community.

    No Space? No Problem!

    No space for your indoor terraponics grow system? No problem. EvanLEE Organics offers 26 foot trailers. Each trailer features enough space to contain 10 grow racks sold by 24:45 Organics.

    Don’t let a lack of space hinder your ability to eat fresh organic produce year round.
    Take a look inside an EvanLEE Organics grow trailer. There is enough space for 10 SuperGrow Racks and to move around and tend to your garden. Everything needed to grow your produce year round can be stored in this convenient trailer. The trailer comes fitted with a sink and a dehumidification system where the water is recycled and used to water the plants.

    Meet the founder of EvanLEE Organics

    Todd Bard is CEO, President and founder of EvanLEE Organics LLC, the New England distributor of 24:45 Organics. For the past few years, Todd has been growing his territory with 24:45’s patented indoor organics grow technology. His clientele utilizing this technology is comprised of over thirty schools as well as nursing homes, senior centers, Early Childhood Centers, a Country Club and Worcester County House of Corrections. Todd’s goal is to assist a variety of people including veterans, chefs, dining institutions, restaurants and healthcare facilities learn to grow, serve and eat their own clean organic food onsite at their own establishments. He has also engaged local and state politicians, Commissioners of Agriculture, Energy Secretaries and State Governors in discussions involving local sustainable, indoor farming opportunities.

    In addition, Todd also founded his energy consulting business, LEE Energy Group as well as the EvvGirl Foundation which is named for his daughter who was tragically killed in a drunken driving crash. Todd currently resides in Agawam, MA where he enjoys spending time with his wife, Barbara, and their two adult children.

    Part of Proceeds Donated to

    A portion of EvanLEE Organics' proceeds goes to the EvvGirl Foundation. This donation is made in memory of Evan Minor Bard, a 20 year old Curry College nursing student and cheerleader killed in a drunk driving crash in May of 2013.

    The EvvGirl Foundation was formed to generate smiles and happiness by continuing Evan Bard's passions in nursing specifically for NICUs, Pediatrics and Maternity as well as in Early Childhood Education and Cheerleading.


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