• OK sooooo......EvanLEE is focusing on selling multiple grow racks to various organizations...(we are not focusing on selling them to people to put in their homes.  I know some of the material i sent you from Andy focuses on that!  

    Maybe have a dropdown  for "Markets"  being the areas we are focusing on ?  
    Schools, hospitals, prisons,  distribution warehouses?

    1-.We want to have our grow racks in schools  throughout New England.  Farm IN School project and have the cafeterias use the greens with the lunches.

    2- we will be focusing on Hospitals, prisons, nursing homes etc........  have the elderly, Vets, autistic etc harvest the greens

    3-  Todd is going to focus on setting up huge multi Acre indoor growing warehouses.  He wants to set up one of our own locally and then have investors buy into his concept and duplicate it on their own and sell the greens/vegetables etc  for profit to grocery stores, restaurants etc.......  He wants to also incorporate solar with the warehouses.

    I cut and pasted a few things.....

    Did you know that more than 95% of the salad greens most people eat come all the way from California, Arizona and Mexico? That’s not exactly nearby, nor is it a recipe for freshness. Even many greens from so-called “local” farms are really West Coast-grown — they just get new packaging slapped on at an East Coast repacking operation. After they’ve taken a long ride in the back of a shipping truck.

    We grow our food year-round which means you can rely on our greens to be as tasty in January as they are in July.

    We think greens need to be grown where they’ll be eaten, so they hit your plate at the peak of freshness
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